Bold Breakfast Drinks To Start Your Day Off Right

Have you heard a lot about drinks before bedtime? But, what beverage should you drink after waking up in the morning? If you have already created your breakfast recipes, it is the right time to think of some bold drinks. Upgrade your morning routine by incorporating some healthy and scrumptious drinks. The beverage you drink with your breakfast will influence your productivity and energy. It will even help you sleep better.

Pina colada

You can choose this popular cocktail recipe for your morning drinks. Create a blend of coconut milk and pineapple juice. Add a small amount of rum to the mixture. You can top it with a cherry for garnishing purposes. Start your day with this tropical-flavoured drink. Some people also choose lime juice and a cream of coconut for a better experience.

Hazelnut Coffee Martini

This cocktail is great for hazelnut liqueur and coffee lovers. You may get Frangelico, the best hazelnut liqueur. On the contrary, Kahlua is a popular coffee liqueur for your cocktail recipe. Other things needed for the drink are vodka and cream. Start shaking the ingredients for a minute.


If you prefer a boozy drink, try out the Mudslide cocktail. It is a yummy milkshake infused with coffee liqueur. However, you may also drink it as your dessert cocktail. A glass of Mudslide lets you take your daily dose of calories. While vodka adds intensity to the drink, the coffee liqueur complements the richness. Chocolates for garnish will create a visual mud for your mudslide cocktail. Enjoy the extra flavour and aroma of chocolate.


The classic beer cocktail, the Micheleda is almost like Bloody Mary. ‘Mi’ stands for ‘my, whereas ‘chel’ is a slang term for light beer. The term ‘Helada’ indicates the chilled beverage, as you want to serve cold Michelada. To prepare the cocktail, you have to add cayenne pepper and salt in equal proportion. Rub the piece of lime along the glass’s rim that needs to be dipped into your salt-cayenne mixture. Pour beer after adding a few drops of lime juice and black pepper. You can also use Worcestershire sauce for the drink.

Yerba mate

Like green tea, yerba mate has a slight caffeine content and herbal infusion. You can choose it as your morning and afternoon drink. Yerba mate is good for health because it has antioxidants and different minerals like iron. Choose the cold-brew method for brewing yerba mate on summer days.

Mimosa Orange Juice

Start your day with vitamin-rich orange juice. Have some fresh juice squeezed out of oranges and pour soda water into it. The fruit-infused sparkling water is the best drink that can be paired with any breakfast. However, the drink is not too sweet because it contains no sugar.

You may make your morning cocktails using any alcoholic or non-alcoholic recipe, depending on your preferences. All day long, the vibrant mocktails and drinks will keep you feeling renewed.

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